Client Feedback Programs

Axo Partners develops state-of-the-art Client Feedback Programs that deepen client relationships and increase client loyalty. The firm also provides a full range of services related to the end-to-end implementation of these programs. The most sophisticated Client Feedback Programs are based on personal interviews conducted by Axo Partners' consultants, preceded by a research process and followed by detailed reporting, action planning and execution. In addition to client-specific action points, we assist in integrating client feedback into the firm’s overall business development strategies.

* Why Face-to-Face Interviews?

There are many ways to execute Client Feedback Programs: Online questionnaires, phone interviews and face-to-face interviews, for example.

The most sophisticated Client Feedback Programs designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the relationship, areas of improvement, as well as competitive intelligence, are conducted face-to-face. Instead of just a Q&A, a face-to-face meeting allows the interviewer to take the conversation in any direction that the situation warrants. Meeting face-to-face helps establish rapport between the interviewer and interviewee, and typically results in a more relaxed environment where the interviewee will select to disclose more information than over the phone, and substantially more information than is possible to obtain in an electronic survey. Meeting in-person also allows the interviewer to read into the body language of the interviewee, which can be critical in getting a feel of what the client may be thinking.

The feedback received from client interviews results in a tangible roadmap to strengthen and deepen the client relationship in question, but it also gives you valuable information to help develop your overall business and processes, and gain more business.

* Why Use an External Consultant?

Using an external consultant to conduct your Client Feedback interviews is important if you are looking to gain as much valuable information and insights as possible through the program. Clients tend to be significantly more direct and forthcoming about constructive feedback when they are conveying it to an external party, whereas often politeness comes in the way when the interview is being conducted by an internal resource. A skilled external consultant is able to create a relationship of trust with the interviewee, so that he or she will open up and speak freely. This creates an environment where the most useful feedback can be obtained and where you will get the best ROI on the program.

* Why Use an Expert in the Legal Field?

If you are looking to create a sophisticated Client Feedback Program, it is paramount that the interviewer is someone who understands the legal industry, preferably both from the firm perspective as well as the client perspective. Only someone with this type of expertise can make proper judgment calls as to when to ask follow-up questions that go “off script,” as well as formulate them in a way that fits the context and allows you to gain maximum benefit from conducting the interviews.

Business Development & Marketing

Axo Partners develops customized BD and marketing programs and tools, including a wide variety of marketing and branding products. Axo Partners' consultants work in close cooperation with senior management and group leaders to develop optimal products, tools and procedures which enable efficient and effective marketing and which support the firm’s strategies and values.

Business development and marketing services include, for example, branding products, websites and apps, sophisticated client relationship management programs, as well as pitching and other marketing materials. Axo Partners assists its clients in managing any business development and marketing projects from start to finish.

* Websites and Apps

Axo Partners is an experienced partner in developing law firm websites and mobile apps. We help firms with all aspects of website and app projects from benchmarking against industry standards to content development, design and technical implementation.

* Social Media Presence

We help our clients develop and implement social media strategies, including benchmarking, content development, branding, and implementation services.

* Marketing Publications

We are experienced developers of a wide variety of publications, including electronic and print, for our clients. These include books, periodicals, newspaper publications and others. Whether you are looking to develop hand-out material for conferences, anniversary books for your clients, or compelling conference room materials, we can help you.

* Other Marketing Material

We are a trusted resource for our clients in developing various marketing materials, including brochures, annual reviews, white papers, directory submissions, etc. We also assist in developing templates for pitches, RFP’s and other marketing-related use cases. If you are looking to develop new materials, or undertake a re-vamp of existing ones, contact us to discuss your project.

Management Consulting

Axo Partners works with the senior management of firms in order to contribute to and materialize their business strategies. These services may relate, for example, to support infrastructure and processes, annual planning, aligning marketing objectives with the firm’s overall business goals and priorities, as well as developing new branding strategies or marketing initiatives. Axo Partners assists firms in organizing their marketing functions and establishing processes for sharing best practices, and provides training for their personnel.

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